EMDR at the European Parliament

Dear all,

the groups of the European Parliament and the Culture Commission organizing the presentation on EMDR, requested us to make a description of our Humanitarian intervention on the earthquake sites. Since the first day after the earthquake, EMDR Italy has been on the field, with more than 120 clinicians, providing EMDR treatment to more than 1000 people.

A special intervention has been done in these months with children and adolescents, in their schools and with their families. EMDR has proven to be a protection factor to deal with the last earthquakes in the area, even if this is an on-going phenomenon, results are maintained. There is a significant difference in reactions between people that had been treated with EMDR and those that had not received EMDR treatment when dealing with the last repetitive earthquakes and strong after shocks. The European Commission made us a specific request to present the EMDR treatment that is taking place in the last two months and will continue in the acute phase. I am sending the invitation for this new presentation.

Best regards,
Isabel Fernandez

EMDR Europe Association's President

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9 November 2016 | 10.00 | European Parliament